Dr. Barbara Napier Heller


Barbara received her Bachelors degree in Psychology with a concentration in International Affairs from the University of Maine (1984). She received her Masters degree (1990; Conflict Resolution) and her Ph.D. (1993; Organizational Behavior and Organizational Psychology) from the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her doctoral dissertation was a conceptualization the nature of dyadic distance in the working relationship between employees and their supervisors.

Professional Experience

Barbara helps her clients manage organization development and assessment projects. She also specializes in coaching and training to improve intercultural working relationships, e.g., communication, leadership, teamwork, presentation, and negotiation skills.

Barbara has developed many unique methods for assessing employee and customer attitudes and behaviors, such as the Purpose & Process Model of Organization Culture and the CrossFunctionalTeam Customer Value Assessment Method. She helps clients develop relevant, specific research strategies using interview guides, focus groups, questionnaires, data management techniques, and data analysis tools. She works with clients to develop specific action plans for breakthrough and continuous improvement efforts.

Barbara's professional background includes extensive experience in developing and implementing seminars and courses on a variety of topics, including: intercultural communication, presentation skills, leadership, consulting skills, conflict resolution, human resource management, personnel selection, and employee feedback systems. She worked for L.L. Bean, Inc. in Distribution (1985), Customer Service (1986-1987) and Finance (Security)(1985 & 1990). She has been conducting research projects in the private and public sector since 1985. She worked with Rath & Strong Management Consultants (based in Lexington, Massachusetts and Hamburg) between 1992 and 1997, and since 1997 has been working as an independent consultant and coach.

In 2001 and 2002 she taught the Strategic Human Resource Management course in the Executive MBA program of the European Business College Munich, a division of the European University (


Barbara has published articles in Human Resource Management Review (“Dyadic Distance in Organizations,” Napier & Ferris, 1993) and National Productivity Review (“Linking Creativity, Common Vision, and Customer Connection: Synergy for Organizational Competitiveness,” Burns & Napier, 1994). Other articles include “Styles of Conflict Resolution: Characteristics and Behaviors,” “Mentoring at Work: Unique Issues for Women,” and “Continuously Benchmarking What Matters Most: Customer Value.”


Barbara is from Pownal, Maine, U.S.A. She has worked in several countries, including Canada, England, Scotland, France, and Singapore, as well as the U.S.A. and Germany. She lives in Altötting, Germany, a beautiful Bavarian town 45 minutes north of the Alps, with her husband Helmut and their sons Benedikt, Leo, and Dominik.